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Mailings with personalized bars of Chocolate

Same ship of personalized Chocolate bars to several people - as an invitation, thank you, give-away or incentive for loyal business partners and employees



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Chocolate postcards and praline

This sweet chocolate greeting from Chocolat Frey can be individually designed by you and sent as birthday greetings, as a surprise gift on Mother’s Day, to celebrate Easter or Christmas, or simply as a way of saying "thank you" to friends, family and other people who are special to you. Designing and sending a chocolate postcard couldn’t be any easier: Simply choose one of the available images or upload a photo of your own, select a bar of chocolate, write a personal greeting to be printed on the back of the card, and your Schokogramm is ready to send!

A wonderful and, at the same time, easy way to show someone that you have been thinking about them. After all, there is always a special reason to send someone a personal message, and the Schokogramm has already proven perfect for almost any occasion.

Have fun sending your Schokogramm!

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